Erotic Masssage Amsterdam

Erotic Massage Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you can enjoy the ultimate erotic massage and many other sensual massages at the hands of our very competent massage therapists. They are both very friendly and very good at their job. Please find out more about our high-end massage service, which can be done in the privacy of your home or hotel room throughout the city of Amsterdam. Respect your body and mind for a great Amsterdam erotic massage, and you'll be in a better and more alert state of massage awareness.

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About Erotic Massage Amsterdam

The most intimate connection can happen during an erotic massage, as it involves intimate touching and release of the stress. Sometimes an erotic massage is all we need to switch off and indulge in relaxing pleasure that revitalizes your spirit and slows down your mind to let your energy circulate.

Erotic massages are incredibly intimate and require both parties to be equally open to each other. This is because the erotic massage Amsterdam focuses on the body's erogenous zones, which enables the energy core of your body to relax and surrender to the pleasure.

Erotic Massage Benefits

Erotic massage, commonly referred to as sensual massages, offers almost all the benefits of a regular massage. If you are considering a massage for relaxation, muscular tension or stress release, now is the ideal time to find out the benefits of an erotic massage.

  • Stress Relief
  • Release Sexual Tension
  • Calms the Mind
  • Removes Muscular Blockages
  • Improves Energy Flow

Erotic Massage Therapists

Our massage therapists are professionally trained masseuses who provide erotic massages in Amsterdam. All our ladies have been chosen for their easy-going personalities and stunning looks. Getting an erotic massage in Amsterdam is not just about the massage but also how clients get along with our girls. An essential part of any erotic massage is the interaction between client and masseuse. Good chemistry can transform a massage into an entirely new experience, so choosing a top erotic massage service is incredibly important.

More than Just an Erotic Massage Amsterdam

When thinking about an erotic massage in Amsterdam, many people only focus on the massage aspect and do not consider the companionship benefits. Many of our masseuses build long-lasting relationships with their clients, providing them with so much more than just physical relaxation. For most of our business customers who are focussed on their careers, these interactions are a breath of fresh air and help them achieve some sense of normality. Having a woman around for a few hours can make all the difference in maintaining focus and keeping their contentment levels at a manageable place.

What is a Happy Ending Massage

A Happy Ending Massage is when the masseuse masturbates the customer during the massage bringing them to ejaculation, usually at the ending of the massage. The term Happy Ending defines a feature of an erotic massage rather than being a massage type. In other words, erotic massages will be offered with a Happy Ending which implies that the massage will end with the client climaxing. Even when not stated, most erotic massages have Happy Endings included as part of the service. In most cases, the masturbation process will be performed by hand (rub and tug). However, some masseuses may use various body parts to achieve the same goal.

All our erotic massages come with Happy Endings.

Choosing an Erotic Massage in Amsterdam

Choosing an erotic massage can often be confusing due to the available choices, and because they all sound so good, customers are often paralyzed with choice.

Before explaining the various erotic massage types, you must understand that all erotic massages come standard with the following. In other words, no matter what massage you choose, you will be left satisfied.

  • Both parties are naked
  • Happy Ending is included
  • Massage Oils are provided
  • Performed on a bed
  • Sexually Orientated

Hotel Massage Service

We provide our erotic massages to hotels in Amsterdam. Many businessmen and holiday travellers are often looking for ways to destress and relax. Our massage service is the perfect way to unwind and get into a state of zen. More importantly, our erotic massages will also release sexual tension, which is a saving grace for many businessmen, allowing them to remain focused on work instead of being stressed and sexually frustrated.

Booking an erotic massage to your hotel is as easy as picking up the phone.

Our hotel massage service operates from the early afternoon until the break of dawn, which means those late nights working can be capped off with the ultimate erotic massage allowing you to get the best night's sleep imaginable.

Are Amsterdam Erotic Massages Legal

Yes, erotic massages in Amsterdam are most certainly legal. This means you can book erotic massages to your hotels or home without fear of breaking any laws. That being said, it is a good idea to only book through reputable massage services. This will ensure that a high quality of service is provided. Established erotic massage services also offer their masseuses training in health and safety, providing our customers with an additional layer of protection. Considering that erotic massages are highly sexual and intimate, good hygiene practices are essential.

Amsterdam Tantric Massage Experience

With our masseuses, you'll get more than just a sensual massage; you'll get a holistic experience to soothe your body, mind and spirit. A tantric massage draws on ancient spiritual practices. Our girl's gentle and delicate hands will caress various regions of your body, including your back and chest, and the sensation of their body sliding on yours will leave you speechless. Your mind, body, and soul will be gratified by our massage therapists' attention to the regions where the flow of tantric energy is most potent. Your wonderful masseuse will offer you a tantric massage as you relax on a bed in a serene and relaxing environment.

Soothe your body, mind and spirit with an Amsterdam Tantra Massage

The ultimate purpose of our tantric massage is to help you relax and refocus your energy on the positive, ensuring that you have the most extraordinary tantric massage session possible.

Erotic Naked Massage Amsterdam

There are so many erotic massage services in Amsterdam, and although most claim to be the best sexual experience, many fall short of this promise. This is because most establishments don't specialise in erotic massage, and as a result, their masseuses don't fully appreciate what it takes to deliver the ultimate relaxing and sexual experience. Our massage therapists, on the other hand, know precisely how to bring their clients to the ultimate orgasm. Our massages are Naked Massages, and our masseuses' goals are to deliver the best relaxing, and erotic massage finished with an orgasmic Happy Ending. Our masseuses have the mindset of exceeding client expectations rather than just meeting them.

Relaxing naked massages designed to soothe and stimulate the body.

Why are Couples Massage in Amsterdam so Popular?

Couples Massage in Amsterdam has been growing in popularity at an alarming rate over the last few years. This is because couples have learnt that erotic massages are the perfect way to repair damaged sexual relationships. By introducing new sexual acts through erotic massage, couples can reconnect in a relaxing and pleasurable way that benefits both parties. These changes can lead to new sexual routines and the excitement that may have been missing. Additionally, because there are so many erotic massage techniques, couples can continue exploring and developing their sexuality for many years.

Spice up your relationship and discover new ways to stimulate each other with our sensual couples massage.

Best Four Hand Massage in Amsterdam

Everyone has heard of the Four Hand Massage, but few have experienced it. When it comes to getting an erotic massage in Amsterdam, the Four Hand Massage is one of the most unique and luxurious. Having two masseuses work on your body to soothe and stimulate every inch of your body is something to behold. This duo massage is double the sensitivity and twice the visual effect. So if you want the ultimate indulgent erotic massage, then the Four Hand Massage is by far your best choice and comes highly recommended by customers.

Four Hand Massage is the ultimate luxurious erotic massage Amsterdam has to offer.

Fetish Massage Amsterdam

Our fetish massage service provides customers with a unique set of options when searching for niche massages. Unlike typical erotic massages, these massages focus on specific areas of interest that satisfy a particular desire of our clients. For example, men who are turned on by feet can try our Foot Fetish Massage, or if they like soft BDSM, then our BDSM Massage is available. Additionally, we also provide tailored erotic massages that have been specifically designed for individuals' personal needs making our Amsterdam massage service truly unique.

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Office Hours

These are our opening hours, we are open every day of the week, and we stay open later on weekends. It should be noted extended bookings may fall outside of these hours.

  • Monday to Thursday - 14:00 to 04:00
  • Friday to Sunday - 14:00 to 05:00

Amsterdam Erotic Massages

These are the Amsterdam erotic massages we provide. It's worth mentioning that these are only our most popular massages, and customized erotic massage packages can be tailored to our customers' needs. As a result, if you are looking for something a little different, please don't hesitate to give us a call.