Erotic Masssage Amsterdam

Sex Massage Amsterdam

The Sex Massage (sexmassage) came about due to the frequency men wanted sex after a really good erotic massage. If the truth betold back in the day, erotic massages were a way of skirting around the law. If a man wanted to pay for sex, they would get a "Sensual Massage" with a few side benefits. For most countries, these days are long gone, so there is no reason to discuss erotic massages as something else. Hence the birth of the Sex Massage in Amsterdam.

As its name suggests, the Sex Massage is abundantly clear about what it is delivering. When booking a Sex Massage, you get both an erotic massage and sex as one service. This means sex is not an extra charge and is a guaranteed outcome, not something you will need to negotiate with your masseuse. It is important to note that most erotic massages do not include sex, and paying extra money will not always result in the desired outcome, which can often be frustrating.

Typically Sex Massages in Amsterdam start with an erotic massage based upon other well-known massages like the Tantra Massage, Body to Body Massage or Thai Massage. During these sessions, the massage therapist will first relax and soothe the client before gradually building up the eroticism to eventually transition to sex. As a result, the Sex Massage is considered the ultimate man massage as it delivers everything most men want in a sexual encounter.

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