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You can get a Nuru massage to help you relax your body and mind. It's a very sensual, intimate, and arousing massage. If you want to be happy and healthy, you should try the Nuru Massage. People in the West are becoming more aware that it can help them.

In the traditional Japanese Nuru Massage, masseuses use a seaweed gel called Nuru gel to help them massage their clients. It has no taste, color, or smell. It has a unique soft and slippery texture. Here at Erotic Massage Amsterdam, we've changed the modern classic oil with our own special oils that are designed to get the most out of it. You will feel better and look better as the oils get into your skin cells. After the treatment, your skin will look bright and fresh, and you will look younger.

Nuru massage therapists use their whole bodies with great care to stimulate, relax, and rejuvenate when they do this sensual and erotic massage. In a full body massage, your massage therapist will cover her breasts and stomach with Nuru oil, then move her body from the base of your spine to the top of your head, slowly.

The Chakras are fully activated during a Nuru massage, so you can feel better all over your body When you do this, you will feel the energy charges moving up and down your body. This is called kundalini energy. In addition, your senses will start to tingle with excitement at the sight and sound of everything you want to try.

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