Erotic Masssage Amsterdam

Lingam Massage Amsterdam

A Lingam Massage Amsterdam is one of the best options for men who like masturbating or touching below the belt. The male genitalia is the primary focus of an Amsterdam Lingam massage, making it an extremely sensual and erotic massage.

Having the various parts of a man's anatomy massaged is a unique and satisfying experience. Exploring new erogenous zones is the focus of this penis massage, which may result in several orgasms. Additionally, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are just a few conditions this erotic massage may solve or at least improve.

Massage oils are used to lubricate the penis and testicles during the Lingam massage. Our Amsterdam masseuses usually start with the buttocks, which helps clients relax while also triggering their sexual sensations. Fingernails or palms of hands are used to softly and slowly massage testicles. Light to hard grips and various strokes, such as a twisting action and a combination of speed, pressure and rhythm, is experienced while going down the shaft of the penis.

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